High Five: A Random Act of Jolliness

Meir Kalmanson did it again and this time spreading the love in Manhattan through High-Fives. In a short video produced by amk productions, Kalmanson gives random high five to the busy bees of New York City. These people were pleasantly surprised by Kalmanson’s sneaky slap in the hand while they hail a cab. The short film was shot in Bryant Park, Manhattan and was released in Youtube on Sept. 14, 2014.
“High-Five is a random act of kindness”, as explained by Kalmanson. “It is a simple gesture that quickly lifts everybody’s mood, spreading good vibes all over. High-Five encourages human connection in a world of electronics and tech gadgets”, he added. Kalmanson, without hesitation, made high-five to people from all walks of life. Some people were bold to high-five with him while others were quick to avoid his palm. All in all, it was refreshing to watch these people react to some random act of slapping skin to a stranger.

Who said that a simple high five could not brighten up your day? The video has become viral due to its ability to make people smile amidst the hectic and busy environment. To date, High Five has over 2.3 million Youtube views and still counting. High Five created a major buzz that captured every social media network and users were quick to comment and share the video. It has also received overwhelming positive comments from its viewers.
Without a doubt, Kalmanson had his viewers wanting more. Viewers cannot contain their amusement as they request more unique videos like this that leave a smile on everyone’s face. Between our frantic city life and the country’s economic crisis, people wished for more feel-good videos like this on their screens.

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