Escape Room Los Angeles

Looking for a unique, engaging and fun recreation for your team, then try the Escape room in Los Angeles.  Escape rooms are beautifully fashioned and exceptionally fun rooms that will surely make you wear your “thinking cap” on. The ultimate real-life experience is what engages the players in solving the mystery and will keep everyone in the room busy and on the edge of their seats trying to solve pieces of the puzzle.

Solving escape room’s mysteries is more than an entertainment, it’s brain-crashing! Sound reasoning and principle is a must in playing escape room. This activity encourages teamwork and critical thinking while players work closely together to find clues and maps. It promotes effective communication among the players and defines each player’s strengths and capabilities. It will certainly boost resourcefulness, diligence and of course and your patience.

And as the timer runs out, players are pushed to their limits as they try to think out of the box to find the great escape. But most importantly, solving the puzzles, codes, and the secret of the escape room will definitely be memorable for all the team members. After all, a team building can never be effective if it does not leave memories to share.

If your family loves to try new things or would like a new adventure for a change, the mystical experience of Escape room will definitely take you away from the busy life of Los Angeles. Solving escape room mysteries is not just about building a relationship; it’s about sharing the experience of success with someone you care about.

This would also be a unique venue to celebrate a special event like birthday parties and other corporate events. This will be a great surprise for your guest and will definitely make a buzz. Prepare to laugh your heart out as you watch your guest play, giggle and scavenged all the furniture and accessories that fill Escape Room. At the end of the event, everybody wins and you’ll get a fun group picture with themed props, which was a nice little touch to finish off the celebration.

All in all, nothing compares to the feeling of satisfaction, excitement, relief in solving a mystery. The escape room gives a victorious thrill to those who seek true adventure. It has every puzzle, riddles, and a clue that will definitely give you an adrenaline rush. Our daily hectic lives will not improve our mental hygiene and escape room gives us the chance to burst out of our shell. This is the kind of make-over people need.  The escape room taps into our human desire while providing brain stimulation and the experience of the thrill. So if you haven’t been escaping deadly viruses, eluding murders or getting trapped in shutdown carnival rides, or trying to get out of prison,  you aren’t really making the most of your free time. It is a one of- a kind adventure you surely do not want to miss when you are in LA!



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The 10 elements of Attractiveness Men Look for In Women

There are an awful lot of things that makes men get attracted to women. But I am telling you, nothing of which is as complicated as you think. I may not be speaking for all men, but I think most of them will agree when I say men’s perspective are pretty straightforward. They either like you or they don’t. Do not sweat too much for things you cannot change, instead put an effort to personal elements that you can improve.

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Make Way For The Super.Fly 5

With rumors swirling around that Blake Griffin is on his way out to Lalaland this coming season, his 5th shoe by Jordan Brand, Super.Fly 5  is nothing but uncertain. Nike globally launches the Super.FLy 5, yesterday August 1 for $150. Super.FLy 5 originally debuts in three colorways but now adding two more colorway in its collection. Continue reading “Make Way For The Super.Fly 5”

High Five: A Random Act of Jolliness

Meir Kalmanson did it again and this time spreading the love in Manhattan through High-Fives. In a short video produced by amk productions, Kalmanson gives random high five to the busy bees of New York City. These people were pleasantly surprised by Kalmanson’s sneaky slap in the hand while they hail a cab. The short film was shot in Bryant Park, Manhattan and was released in Youtube on Sept. 14, 2014.
“High-Five is a random act of kindness”, as explained by Kalmanson. “It is a simple gesture that quickly lifts everybody’s mood, spreading good vibes all over. High-Five encourages human connection in a world of electronics and tech gadgets”, he added. Kalmanson, without hesitation, made high-five to people from all walks of life. Some people were bold to high-five with him while others were quick to avoid his palm. All in all, it was refreshing to watch these people react to some random act of slapping skin to a stranger.

Who said that a simple high five could not brighten up your day? The video has become viral due to its ability to make people smile amidst the hectic and busy environment. To date, High Five has over 2.3 million Youtube views and still counting. High Five created a major buzz that captured every social media network and users were quick to comment and share the video. It has also received overwhelming positive comments from its viewers.
Without a doubt, Kalmanson had his viewers wanting more. Viewers cannot contain their amusement as they request more unique videos like this that leave a smile on everyone’s face. Between our frantic city life and the country’s economic crisis, people wished for more feel-good videos like this on their screens.

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Software Engineer Jobs Today

As Marc Andreessen said, “Software is eating the world.” As technology continues taking over the world, there is an unending demand for competent and skilled software engineers. Employers especially go for software engineers that are talented with both core technologies as well as emerging I.T areas.

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iMortgage Broker Sydney

iMortgage Broker Sydney is the most trusted in a financial adviser to assist you on your mortgage application. Our unparalleled financial service has been proven to deliver unbeatable rates and exceptional features.


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You could rely on our unwavering commitment to serve you. Rest assured that our expert mortgage consultants would guide you on the step-by-step process of loan application.  From financial assessment to choosing the right type of loan, iMortgage Broker will work for your best interest as we explore all possible options for your mortgage needs. Let our mortgage experts assist you on your financial journey. Call our mortgage consultants in a location near you:

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