High Five: A Random Act of Jolliness

Meir Kalmanson did it again and this time spreading the love in Manhattan through High-Fives. In a short video produced by amk productions, Kalmanson gives random high five to the busy bees of New York City. These people were pleasantly surprised by Kalmanson’s sneaky slap in the hand while they hail a cab. The short film was shot in Bryant Park, Manhattan and was released in Youtube on Sept. 14, 2014.
“High-Five is a random act of kindness”, as explained by Kalmanson. “It is a simple gesture that quickly lifts everybody’s mood, spreading good vibes all over. High-Five encourages human connection in a world of electronics and tech gadgets”, he added. Kalmanson, without hesitation, made high-five to people from all walks of life. Some people were bold to high-five with him while others were quick to avoid his palm. All in all, it was refreshing to watch these people react to some random act of slapping skin to a stranger.

Who said that a simple high five could not brighten up your day? The video has become viral due to its ability to make people smile amidst the hectic and busy environment. To date, High Five has over 2.3 million Youtube views and still counting. High Five created a major buzz that captured every social media network and users were quick to comment and share the video. It has also received overwhelming positive comments from its viewers.
Without a doubt, Kalmanson had his viewers wanting more. Viewers cannot contain their amusement as they request more unique videos like this that leave a smile on everyone’s face. Between our frantic city life and the country’s economic crisis, people wished for more feel-good videos like this on their screens.

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Shark Canister Vacuum Will Save Your Life!

Most of us hate housework, we simply do not have time and energy for that. We need a partner that can multitask. Shark Canister Vacuum is a versatile household partner, which gives us interchangeable attachments tools that make our life easier. Now you do not have to sweep and vacuum, Shark Canister Vacuum gives a full power all the way to its nozzle so you do not have to worry about losing suction power. It is guaranteed to take out the dust, dirt, and hair in one stroke. Cleaning your home does not get easier than this!

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Funfactory Cayona

Finding the right man in bed can be complicated, but finding the right dildo is another thing. With lots of sex toys and dildos and vibrators in the market, it can be a little bit tricky to find the perfect toy that really works for you; the one that fits your lifestyle and the one that you actually like. Vibrators come in all sort of styles and sizes and in different patterns to provide you that extra sensation.

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Where Can I Buy Emla Cream Over The Counter?

Emla is the best topical anesthetic numbing cream available at your local drugstores. It contains 25 mg of Lidocaine and prilocaine in 1:1 ratio. It also includes polyoxyethylene hydrated castor oil, purified water, Carbomer, and sodium hydroxide. It is best used to relieve pain temporarily on non-invasive clinical and aesthetic procedures such as hair or wart removal among others.

Emla works by being absorbed through the skin and blocking the nerve signal of a specific area in your body where it is applied. It usually takes fifteen to thirty minutes for your skin to absorb the cream and will usually last around the same time depending on the area of application.

Emla is the number one numbing cream sold worldwide. It is sold as an over-the-counter drug in some countries. In the United States, however, it is a common misconception that EMLA is a prescription drug. On the contrary, EMLA cream is an over-the-country drug which can be bought without a medical prescription. But unfortunately, even with a doctor’s prescription, you may have trouble finding this in your local stores.  Due to this difficulty, resellers are now taking advantage to jack up the prices. Only limited drugstores carry the brand but if you are lucky, there may be a Walmart near you that offers EMLA.

Emla cost around $40-$50 on local drugstore. It is definitely not cheap and most insurance companies do not pay for topical aesthetic.  You may want to double-check with your insurance company to save money.

Purchase at Your Own Risk:

Emla is available on Amazon and Ebay. Resellers are usually from Asia, UK and Canda. But as for any drug, beware of any fake, expired or counterfeit medicines. EMLA is manufactured solely by AstraZenica group of companies, from Södertälje, Sweden.

Ask the seller about the manufactured date and expiration to be sure you are only receiving the best quality of medicine. In addition, Emla packaging also provides product number, ask the seller to give you an actual picture of the product. You can crosscheck it through the internet or email manufacturer of the product number to verify the product. Packaging number may include 0186-1515-01 for the 5-gram tube, a box of 1;  0186-1515-03 for the 5-gram tube, a box of 5; and 0186-1516-01 for the 30-gram tube, a box of 1, to make sure that you’re getting the authentic EMLA cream.

If you are doubtful purchasing EMLA from Amazon or EBay, you can ask a friend from Canada, Australia or the UK to buy it for you as this brand is widely available in their country. Or better yet, you can buy it from online drugstore overseas. You can purchase  from online Canada drugstores such as safecanadianrx.com or online Australian drugstores such as ww.emical.com. Just do not expect a $40-$50 price range. Usually, a $20 shipping fee will add to your cost.

The good news is that Emla is now available online from Laxpharm.com.  Laxpharm is a trusted US online drugstore that provides excellent customer service and quality medicine. You can get Emla from Laxpharm at around $45 to $50. They provide five-day delivery, depending on your location in the United States at absolutely zero delivery charge cost.

Now, you do not have to worry about availability of EMLA topical aesthetic cream.Hopefully, we have provided you enough information where to purchase.

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Software Engineer Jobs Today

As Marc Andreessen said, “Software is eating the world.” As technology continues taking over the world, there is an unending demand for competent and skilled software engineers. Employers especially go for software engineers that are talented with both core technologies as well as emerging I.T areas.

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