The 10 elements of Attractiveness Men Look for In Women

There are an awful lot of things that makes men get attracted to women. But I am telling you, nothing of which is as complicated as you think. I may not be speaking for all men, but I think most of them will agree when I say men’s perspective are pretty straightforward. They either like you or they don’t. Do not sweat too much for things you cannot change, instead put an effort to personal elements that you can improve.

So here’s the basic 10 of men’s Point of view

  1. Face – Ok, let’s not be hypocrites, everybody likes a pretty face. The pretty face, of course, is all up to the guy’s preference. Some guys like the beautiful, Ms. Universe-type of the face. Some may like the really simple, the little to no make-up look. Hey, it’s the first thing we notice in a woman, so I think this is on top of my list.
  2. Confidence – this reflects on the first few conversations with a woman. Many men are attracted to this because it screams out independence for women. Confidence may not be directly attributed to independence but for guys, the feeling that the woman can carry herself confidently is a big plus. Men like strong partners, not the ones that they have to carry around.
  3. Neatness/personal hygiene – this is a very big deal to a large majority of men. Little things like the fingernails and neatness of her clothes matter. It’s not cool to be seen around with a girl who cannot even take care of her personal hygiene. Guys like to be pampered too, and if the woman can’t even take care of her personal hygiene, they would think that they would not get taken care of.
  4. Smell – this is an intangible element that guys always look for, or should I say, smell for. Though some men prefer the sweet smell of perfume, some men like it if the girl doesn’t smell anything at all because it says that the woman is clean and she doesn’t need perfume to tell that she’s neat. But most men like it if a woman smells real good. A tip for the ladies, guys do not like the overpowering, strong perfumes that we can smell a mile away.
  5. dressing up – Real woman knows how to dress up and even dress down. Whether you’re going out on a dinner date or a good day at the park, it’s very important that the woman can wear the right clothes for the right occasion and look very good n it. It’s also very important that the woman knows what kinds of clothes she wears with her body type.
  6. Personal Chemistry – this may be on top of many guys’ lists because this would bring a lot of factors that would make you a great couple. Conversations are more fun and interesting if you have chemistry. You have a lot to talk about which makes you feel that you’re compatible with the other person and that brings your mind to a position of comfort. And if you’re comfortable with the other person you’re with, it’s much easier to have fun with her.
  7. Intelligence – I don’t think a guy would want a girl with nothing to talk about than her girlfriends, makeup, celebrities and shopping. Many guys like interesting, intelligent conversations. Although some issues like politics and religion may be touchy for some, some guys like to go there just to gauge in the intelligence of the woman. And its a big turn on for a guy to know the position of the woman on certain things and how strong she stands by it.
  8. certain body parts that men are fond of – guys have certain fetishes. Some like long legs, some like arms, some like feet. If that woman has that certain body part that the guy wants, it’s like a thunderbolt that would hit them that they would get instantly fixated on it.
  9. Unleash your sexual energy! — Being sexual is different from looking sexual. Sexuality is more than just a physical act, it is the intangible element innate on women that make them mysterious. sexuality is about the emotional attachment of human with their biology! It’s about getting comfortable in your own skin.
  10. Why so serious?- Guys are most attracted to girls who can laugh at themselves and acknowledge their own mistakes. Men appreciate girls who can crack them up. Human is innately attracted to people with good sense of humor because it signifies both intellect and social intelligence. After all, no one wants to be with cranky-pants all the time.

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