Software Engineer Jobs Today

As Marc Andreessen said, “Software is eating the world.” As technology continues taking over the world, there is an unending demand for competent and skilled software engineers. Employers especially go for software engineers that are talented with both core technologies as well as emerging I.T areas.

Even as there are more programmers, demand is still outpacing supply. This manpower shortage will still open the doors for both local and foreign talent. In fact, there is a rising demand in Asia, particularly in Singapore and Taiwan and China, which gives promising career for all Software Engineers due to the difficulty of finding good software engineers that understand the general capabilities of a technology and how it can be applied to the benefit of the business.

In this article, you will learn about the nature of Software Engineer Job and why Software Engineering is the right career for you.

As a bonus, we will also provide you some tips on how you can successfully land a Software Engineer Job.


I.                    What Does It Entail?

In a nutshell, Software engineers are professionals responsible for making sure the hardware, software, and network function together. Basically, their skills are being summoned when operational problems are encountered with computer programs and applications.

While there is demand in every industry for software engineers, there are some skill sets especially sought after in IT industry today.

a.       Here’s what the employers are looking for in order to keep up with the dynamic landscape of technology.

Being a software engineer starts with technical competence. Without a doubt, you can never land a software engineering job if you don’t understand technology. Here are a few of the technical skill a software engineering job requires:

• The very basic requirement of a Software engineer job is of course, being fluent in object-oriented programming languages such as SQL and ORM technologies (JPA2, Hibernate) and develops web applications by use of at least one popular web framework (JSF, Wicket, GWT, Spring MVC).

• Software engineers do not only program but they also, test, monitor debug, and document any changes to computer systems & applications. They analyze the needs of end users and develop various software solutions within time and cost restrictions. They also recommend changes as well as improvements to existing software systems and other computer applications.

• Software engineers also create applications used for smartphones & tablets. These are also known as “mobile app developers”. This also includes writing new software and operating manuals for the end-user

• They develop system that streamlines interdepartmental communication through a corporate intranet

• Engineers dealing with application softwares upgrade the existing computer programs to updated-platforms with new specifications.

• They also coordinate system installation and also monitor equipment functioning in order to ensure project specs are accomplished.

• Additionally, they are also responsible for system-security as well as data assurance across all the systems that they’re developing.

• Lastly, Software engineers test the product to ensure that it operates satisfactorily. This process also include coordination with software developers, application architects & engineers to keep projects on scope.


b.      Your technical skills will lead you nowhere if you don’t have the core competencies to do the job. Software engineer jobs also require a whole set of soft skills that go beyond the ability to program such as:

• Team work

Software engineering job requires examining departmental goals and developing custom computer systems for organizations. Needless to say, this job entails teamwork in order to meet the objectives of the organization. They need to constantly coordinate with the department regarding software features, budget and schedule. They also need to discuss programming problems and solutions with their colleagues, and other issues with product managers, testers and customers.

• Analytical skills to Solve Problems

Software engineering jobs also involves a broad range of problem-solving concerns, ranging from system design, construction to strategic acquisitions, and analysis to quality assurance. In short, software programming is a cause-and-effect issue. You need tom clearly identify the very root cause to come up with the right solution and you need analytical skills to crack that code.

• Strong Attention To Detail

Software engineer job requires great concentration and focus as you analyze application and network logs, not to mention writing middleware code to make components work together. You have to have a keen eye to details to catch up with the complexities of the software otherwise, you will not be able to run the software.

• Your Loyalty

Because as a Software Engineer, you are exposed on confidential information, therefore it is incumbent upon you to protect company’s privacy.

But more importantly, Software engineers creates and develop programs which are easy target of software piracy. As an employee, your job entails you to protect these intellectual properties from being illegally copied and distributed.

• You need to have the VISION

Even the most advance technology today may not be applicable tomorrow. As a Software Engineer, you need to have a vision for tomorrow’s tech demands. You need to be able to see the possible effect of present-day decisions in tomorrow’s objective when building great software. • Eagerness to Learn

Companies do not hire people for Software Engineer job for what they know, but what they can learn. You have to have an open mind to absorb new ideas for your project.

II.                  Why look for Software Engineer job?

• Because there is an overflowing demand for software engineers.

Many jobs disappear, because they can be replaced by computers and machines. But all those new programs still need to be developed and maintained. With that said, you can be assured that the demand for Software Engineer Jobs will still increase in the next fifty years

• Because Software Engineer jobs pay well!

Salaries for Software Engineer jobs are growing along with the demand. It may not be possible to instantly get high remuneration, but with time, your salary will definitely grow. If you take a look at salary surveys for various locations, senior level engineers can make $100,000 or more, especially oversees where the demands are higher.

• Because Software Engineer jobs have no limits.

Unlike medical or legal profession, a Software Engineer job does not restrict you to practice your profession anywhere in the world. Software programming uses a universal language, so no matter where you are you can definitely conquer the tech world. In fact, there is a massive demand of Software Engineer jobs in Asia. So take advantage of this information. Do not be contended in growing your career locally, there are many options for Software Engineer jobs that you can explore.

Overall, in today’s world, Software Engineer jobs can be found in every aspect of our culture. This is what makes a Software Engineer job so interesting and rewarding. The variety of niches in Software Engineer jobs is very much impressive, and the opportunities to change paths, and even combine them, are definitely limitless.

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