Pro Asbestos Removal Perth

Pro Asbestos Removal Perth is a fully licensed asbestos contractor. For ten years in the industry, Pro Asbestos Removal Perth has been recognized as the standard in quality and integrity in all asbestos services. Our premium services insure safe and quality testing, removal and disposal of Asbestos in commercial and residential areas.

We ensure the highest standards in every Asbestos abatement process. From testing to final disposal, Pro Asbestos Removal Perth adheres to the strict regulations of both Worksafe Regulations and NOHSC Regulations to ensure the safest, reliable and cost-effective services.
Asbestos abatement does not need to be unreasonably costly Pro Asbestos Removal Perth offers a very competitive price for quality asbestos service. So start working for a safe and healthy environment, call our team for a free quote.

We offer a full-range of services to support any asbestos projects, which includes:
• Identification Surveys (Sampling & Analysis)
Our team provides a comprehensive inspection program, which surveys the damage caused by Asbestos. This process will allow us flexibility to determine the best course of action for corrective measures.

• In-place management
Our goal is to manage and remedy asbestos in your property with minimal damage and as fast as possible.

• Asbestos Removal
Our highly trained professional can handle any size of asbestos remediation project. We hold the highest standard in handling asbestos to ensure quality and safety of our services.

• Asbestos Demolition
Pro Asbestos Removal Perth is a licensed demolition contractor capable of performing demolition jobs of any size. Whether it be a single-structure or multi-structural building, we have the right tools and expertise to do the job.

• Asbestos Safe and Final Disposal
Pro Asbestos Removal Perth has extensive years of experience in properly containing asbestos, complete sanitization, and appropriate disposal for contaminated materials.

We provide asbestos services in the following areas:
• Perth CBD and Inner Suburbs
• Perth North and South
• East and West Suburbs
Exposure in Asbestos is a serious health hazard. It has been considered as carcinogen by International Agency for Research on Cancer. Asbestos fibers can accumulate and cause scarring and inflammation, which can also lead to serious lung problems.
Complete removal of Asbestos is a complicated process, trust only the proven expertise of Pro Asbestos Removal Perth professionals to do this job. Protect your loved ones from these harmful exposure. Contact us for a free advise and consultation.

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– Locally Perth Based
– 10 Years Experienced
– Fully Licensed and Qualified
– Fast Quotes
– Affordable Quotes
– Guaranteed Satisfaction

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– Asbestos Removals
– Asbestos Testing
– Asbestos Disposal
– Asbestos Site Demolition

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