Halloween Video Game

From games that will keep you awake at night to the games that will give you heart attack, we cap the top video games perfect for the Halloween:


  1. Resident Evil

While it has been ten years since Resident Evil 1 was released in Play Station 2, it is still the most beloved horror video games to date. After playing at least five Resident Evil you may probably think you’ll be immune by the storyline, but let me tell you… that is impossible! Up until this day, playing this game gives me Goosebumps!


This game is just intense!!!!  It has the most realistic graphics and creepy soundscape that will keep on edge every minute.  The focus of the game is to elude from the deranged mental patients that roam around. This game is all about exploration, so be careful to open closed doors or entering new areas, a horrifying surprise may be waiting for you.   Added to that, Outlast has many interesting aspects that are mostly unique compared to other video horror games. Surely, you’ll find this experience as scary as hell!

  1. Silent Hill

This is by far the most played horror game in the history. It is absolutely scary and disturbing! It’s a great balance of horror and survival with fascinating characters and interesting lore. It will definitely hunt you to your sleep. But whatever series you may choose, remember that this video game is not about winning, it’s about surviving the horrors of Silent Hill.

  1. Project Zero

This game will absolutely make your stomach cringe! The storyline is just amazing!  There were so many clever, creepy insertions in this game making it completely unpredictable. As any other Japanese story, Project Zero series will definitely keep you intrigued all throughout.

  1. Alien Isolation

If you love Ridley Scott’s film Alien then I guarantee you, you will truly enjoy this video game. This one just hit the spot!! It is the best recreation of the film. The storyline, the impressive atmosphere and the terrifying music, you would imagine you are on that film playing as Amanda!

  1. Dead space

While it is listed as survival than a horror game this one will surely give you the creeps. The enemies have some gruesome finishing moves that add to the horror factor not to mention the eerie atmosphere making it worthy to be played on a Halloween night!

  1. Siren blood curse

it’s a combination of The Ring, The Grudge and other Asian horror movies that will surely make you jump off your seats. Some may find this video more of an action than scares; it is still recommended to play this game in broad daylight! And the best part of this game is that you can download per episode. So if you find a part that does not appeal to you just skip it and get to the scariest episodes!


So there you go! I have listed the best Halloween video games for you, so play and conquer. Just don’t blame me for your nightmare!

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