Adventure of Your Lifetime

Thanks to advancement on our transportation system, the world is now just a stone throw away. So before you pack your bags, check out these travelling tips to ease your travelling experience:

  • Plan ahead of time – This will not only save you time and money but it will save you from cramming and panic attacks!
    • Pack lightly –No one wants to stroll around carrying 70 liter-bag on their back. Travel days x 3shirts, undies, pants +1, that’s your formula. Don’t forget to roll your clothes to maximize luggage space and limit your liquid into 100ml.
    • Call your bank: If you are going shopping spree, I suggest to call your bank ahead of time. Inform them you’re leaving the country and you will be using the same card for your travel. Banks have security protocol to freeze any transaction made out of the country. Unless you want to beg for food, give them a call.
    • Find seat sales and discounted accommodations: Usually airlines offer discounted airfare for advance booking.  So plan your trip six months ahead of time to avail of these promos. For accommodation, you can try AirBnB ( for cheaper rates. Or if you do not mind sharing an apartment or room, you can check out It’s a bargain compared to hotels!
  • List down the emergency numbers. Some countries do not have the general 911 emergency number, so research for police hotline, fire emergency hotline and your country’s Embassy number. This will be your safety net, just in case.
  • Local Dialect: Learn a phrase or two of the local dialect and combine it with hand gestures and body language. Do not worry about the intonation or pronunciation. Locals will surely appreciate your efforts to reach out with
  • Travel by bus or train: Traveling by land is a sure way to enjoy the scenery. Initiate a conversation with your bus mate and you will be surprised what you can learn from them.
  • Try the Street Foods: Ask local people for their recommendations for street food, they are always a great source for hidden gems. Do not be afraid to try new things. These unplanned moments that can be the best memories of your travel.
  • Take Photos and take lots of it. You don’t need a fancy camera for your travel, a pocket-size camera will do. Pictures are the cheapest souvenirs you can keep, so take lots of it.
  • Take Your Time—Enjoy every second of your vacation. After all, it’s not everyday that you can get away from the toxicities of your everyday life. Travelling is about experiencing how the rest of the world lives. Take time to interact with the locals and observe their way of living. It will open your mind and allow greater understanding and respect for their culture and tradition.



Overall, it does not matter whether you are travelling across the world or just leaving the town. The important thing is to break out of your comfort zone and be out there. No one is too old to see the world. Stop making excuses, there’s a whole new world waiting for you out there!



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